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Create a Stylish Home with Ceramic Tiles

Beautiful, durable, and easy to clean -- those are some of the terms you'll find when considering ceramic tile for your home. You may wonder how much of that is merely advertising, however, as surely these super-tiles must have some downsides. They do, but overall, ceramic tiles are fantastic additions that offer a range of benefits.

Enormous Advantages- Ceramic tiles are available in glazed and unglazed versions. Glazed ceramic tiles are essentially pre-sealed; water, for example, won't seep into the tiles and create an environment for mildew or mold. Unglazed tiles can absorb moisture, so these need to be sealed (along with any grout) in order to protect the tiles.
Glazed tiles or tiles that have been sealed are very easy to clean. Dust and dirt can't burrow into the material as they can with carpet fibers. Liquids wipe up easily, too, which is why kitchens and bathrooms remain the top spots for ceramic tile. Entryways, too, are a suitable place as wet shoes on rainy days won't permanently damage the flooring.
The tiles last a long time and do not generate lint, making them a very good addition to homes in which people with dust allergies live. While the tiles are not free of all risks, it is difficult to actually break them once they're installed.

What to be Aware of- As mentioned, there are a few cons, however, they're very mild and easily worked around. For example, the tiles don't retain heat well, so they can be very cold if you walk in bare feet. The tiles are also hard, so you would benefit from adding anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen and area rugs in other rooms.
These tiles can seem a little pricier than your average roll of generic vinyl flooring. However, the tiles are so durable that you make up for those costs over the years. You won't have to replace the tiles as often as you might with vinyl or carpet.

The Stone Gallery offers several types of tile for your consideration, including ceramic. Contact us to arrange a time to look at our selections.


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