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Granite Countertops in New Orleans Home

When choosing the perfect natural stone for your home, you’re probably looking for the perfect marriage of high quality and affordable price. At the Stone Gallery of New Orleans, you can find just that. We search across the globe for the best, most beautiful granite, marble, and other natural stone, and import it directly! What does that mean for you, the customer? Top quality at a lower price, including wholesale granite.


Granite Countertops in New Orleans Home

We have quite a selection of granite at our stone yard in New Orleans. Featuring nearly every color imaginable, we’re sure to have the perfect piece for your home. Granite countertops are a classic nod to style and sophistication in any home, so make sure your dollars are well-spent on quality granite that will last for years to come!

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Marble Countertops in New Orleans Home

Marble countertops and tubs are a great investment. While acrylics and other imitators try their hardest to mimic the look of marble, nothing can compare to the real thing. Whether your home is more classic or modern, marble fits in beautifully to any style décor. Not to mention, it will last much longer than any man-made product.

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Born and Bred in New Orleans

We are a local New Orleans company who prides ourselves on providing top-quality stone and top-quality customer service. Unlike the “big-box” granite and marble suppliers in New Orleans, we are centered on finding the best stone for each customer—not selling stone just to sell in volume. We want your granite countertops or marble tubs to be the centerpieces of your home while also keeping your wallet happy.