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Porcelain Tile Baton Rouge

What is Porcelain Tile? 

Ceramic tile has been around for millennia, and porcelain tiles are similar to other ceramics in that they are both made of clay. However, there are some key differences that set porcelain tiles apart. The clay that’s used in porcelain tiles is more dense and refined. It’s also fired under greater pressure and at higher temperatures. Though Baton Rouge porcelain tiles are still glazed and fired in a kiln like other ceramics, they’re more robust, durable, and water-resistant than plain ceramic tiling. 

The Benefits of Porcelain Tile

People often wonder, “what are the advantages of porcelain tiles?” Though some points might seem self-evident since this time-tested tile material has been in use for so long, there are some nuances to the benefits of porcelain that might surprise you! 

1) Waterproof

Porcelain tiles around Baton Rouge can be found in kitchens, mud rooms, bathrooms, and more where it’s common to have water splashing or pooling at times. This is because porcelain’s tight structure makes it highly waterproof. No need to worry about growing mold in moist areas so long as there’s porcelain tile!

2) Stain Resistance 

Does a pet or young family member tend to track dirt and mud inside the home? Does your kitchen see a lot of use from a variety of cooking ingredients that sometimes wind up on the countertop or backsplash? If so, then porcelain tile is perfect for your home. It will keep looking sharp for decades with little maintenance. Speaking of which, porcelain tile around Baton Rouge is…

3) Easy to Maintain

All it takes to clean your porcelain tile is a quick wipe with a soapy rag and some water. No need for excessive scrubbing or trying to chip away at dried mud, grime, or foodstuffs with a knife edge. The best part is that porcelain tile doesn’t need to be waxed, polished, buffed, or refinished!

4) Versatile Aesthetics

The Stone Gallery’s Baton Rouge porcelain tiles can recreate the looks of other high-end types of flooring such as travertine, marble, metal, and even wood. Modern manufacturing techniques allow for a vast array of styles, patterns, colors, finishes, and more for a custom porcelain experience. Imagine making use of all the benefits of porcelain tiles while having the appearance of any other material’s unique look. 

5) Easy to Change

Accidents happen, and while you probably don’t make a habit of lifting heavy iron weights on your porcelain tiles, there’s a chance that at some point something dense strongly impacts your porcelain tile. In the rare case that a porcelain tile breaks, it’s easy to replace by simply prying it up and installing a new one. New tiles can be customized to ensure that they blend in seamlessly with the original tiles. No need to pull up most of your floor just to replace one part! 

The Best Porcelain Tile in Baton Rouge 

The Stone Gallery has the finest selection of porcelain tile options around Baton Rouge and beyond. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of porcelain tiles to elevate almost any space, reach out to our local tile installation experts today to learn more! 

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