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Marble Colors

Marble has been used as a building material for centuries. Famous monuments and buildings all over the world have been crafted from this versatile material. Marble is a popular medium in the construction industry because it is timeless and aesthetically pleasing. The elegance of marble makes it a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other custom home accents. Other popular uses for marble include flooring tiles, fireplace surrounds, bathroom vanities, tables, pillars, and columns. The addition of the perfect cut of marble to your home will add an elegant, natural beauty that cannot be matched.

At Stone Gallery, we pride ourselves in selecting only the finest quality marble, granite, and other precious stones from locations around the world. We invite you to browse our virtual stone yard below or come in to tour our stone yard on-site. We guarantee the highest quality service and the highest quality product.

Why Choose Marble?

  • Sophisticated: Marble is a naturally beautiful stone that can make any room feel high end and sophisticated.
  • Affordable: Certain variations of marble can be an economical option for customers on a budget. We also offer smaller marble pieces for sale at a lower price. These are usually pieces that have been leftover from larger projects. Give us a call for further pricing information!
  • Long-lasting: In addition to the obvious beauty, marble countertops are also tough and tend to last for many years. With such a substantial lifespan, you can rest assured that your marble countertops will continue to add an air of elegance to your bathroom and kitchen for years to come.

The options are endless.

The Stone Gallery has the marble countertops New Orleans residents want! Marble remains a mainstay when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms, and home decor accents. We offer marble stone in the colors and veining that will set your home apart. It offers a timeless appeal and aesthetic, is long-lasting and durable; and is very easy to care for. Marble has been used for millennia, and many of the ancient relics that still exist today were created with this material. Because of its beauty and longevity, it is a favorite for homeowners in New Orleans for countertops and more. Marble is available in a variety of different colors and degrees of veining. Marble countertops with strong veins are very much on-trend, but they are not the only option. A more subtle look can also be obtained with this material, and the options are nearly endless.