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Stone Options Around the New Orleans and Northshore Area


Travertine in New Orleans

If you want the travertine New Orleans homeowners love, look no further than The Stone Gallery. This beautiful stone is a wonderful complement to all design styles, whether contemporary or classic. Travertine is formed when mineral-rich natural spring water alters the composition of limestone and is known for its distinctive swirls. This is a popular choice for a variety of surfaces, especially flooring and countertops.

Resilient and Versatile Material

New Orleans residents love travertine in their homes, especially for countertops. Travertine can be found in both kitchens and bathrooms, it is also a favorite material for backsplashes. Travertine is popular because, in addition to its gorgeous appearance, it is more resilient than marble. It is also very versatile due to the range of finishes in which it is available. Let's take a look:

Polished - if you want a surface that is smooth, shiny, and reflective opt for polished. This finish will give your travertine a glossy and luxurious look. It is commonly found on entryway floors and in more formal settings.

Honed - if you're looking for a matte surface, travertine with a honed finish will deliver. This process grinds and buffs the stone and filled and unfilled options are available.

Brushed - this finish offers a more natural-looking finished that is unfilled. It is an elegant way to infuse rustic charm and warmth to your home while adding texture.

Tumbled - designers love tumbled travertine for its soft, weathered look, and find it perfect for living spaces in addition to kitchens and bathrooms. The technique "tumbles" large pieces of stone in a water-filled barrel. Abrasive solutions are added to give it a much softer texture than polished and honed travertine.

If you are looking for a natural stone look that is available in a variety of soothing color tones, take a look at travertine. The Stone Gallery offers a wonderful selection, and our design team can help you find the color, finish, and pattern that's just perfect for your home!