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Travertine Tile Baton Rouge

Travertine Tile in Baton Rouge

Travertine tile in Baton Rouge seems ever-growing in popularity. Its beauty and durability are timeless, having been formed by Mother Nature’s own limestone minerals dissolved into water and moved together by springs. There are many reasons this versatile tile material can make your Baton Rouge home unique: 

1) Travertine Finishing Options

While choosing the proper shade of stone, you’re able to adapt the look of your travertine floors, countertops, backsplashes, and more with various finishing options. Whether polished smooth for a glossy surface or left raw for that natural touch, travertine is a popular choice of tile around Baton Rouge for adding some extra pizazz to a space. Travertine can also be polished flat without making it slick, meaning that it can be used as a walking surface that stands the test of time. 

2) Timeless Appeal of Travertine

Possessing a timeless beauty in its natural glow, travertine tile near Baton Rouge is challenging to beat. Travertine has been used since the times of the Romans, featuring prominently in temples and theaters just as much as in the homes of everyday people. A famous example you might not know is constructed 100% from travertine is the famous Roman colosseum in Italy. How’s that for longevity? 

3) Travertine Anywhere In or Out of the Home

Since travertine can be filed, ground, cut, polished, colored, and more, it makes for a versatile material for any Baton Rouge home. From small accents like shower trays and facades to floors and expansive countertops, travertine’s uses only end where your creativity stops. 

4) The Cost of Travertine Tile

If you’d love to welcome the beauty of natural stone into your home but are concerned about the cost, travertine is the perfect solution. Travertine tile around Baton Rouge has been used for luxury flooring options while costing less than granite or marble. Tile made of travertine is also just as easy to maintain and clean as other well-sealed natural stone counterparts. 

5) Durability of Travertine

Heavy foot traffic, frequent showers, and lots of cooking doesn’t phase travertine. Travertine tile in Baton Rouge homes withstands more temperature changes than other construction materials while still keeping its unique charms intact. Its hardness rating is similar to marble, meaning that it can be used indoors or outdoors accordingly. Filled travertine, when properly sealed, is also stainproof and waterproof. The only thing needed for maintaining travertine tile is to make sure that it is clean of debris and sharp items that might scratch its sealing. For everything else, a mild cleaner or some plain soap and water does the trick. 

Get the Finest Travertine Tile Around Baton Rouge

If you’re ready to embrace the benefits of travertine tile for your home, then we’re standing by to make your creative vision a reality. Contact The Stone Gallery today via phone or email to consult with a local tile expert and get the process started! 

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