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Granite Countertops

New Orleans home kitchen countertop

The addition of granite countertops increases the beauty and the functionality of any kitchen or bathroom counter surface. Granite is a natural and aesthetically pleasing material that adds a level of value wherever it is installed.

The functional benefits of granite countertops are numerous. Resistance to heat (hot pots and dishes), abrasion (cutting marks from knives or other cutlery), and moisture (mold and mildew) are the key components to granite’s nearly indestructible durability. Since they are resistant to bacteria, granite countertops are also extremely easy to clean. They only require a sponge, a mild dish soap and water.

In addition to the beautiful elegance that is added to the daily enjoyment of the residents, homes that install granite countertops maintain a higher resale value than those with traditional countertops.

Our granite countertops also come in a wide-ranging assortment of colors and patterns. Due to the natural process in which it is formed, every single piece of granite offers a unique look. We know that the decision to choose your specific granite experience is an important one, which is why our experts at the Stone Gallery are ready to answer any and all of your questions. Call us today at (504) 733-5566 or toll free at 1-888-98-STONE.