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Marble Countertops Lafayette

Marble Countertops Lafayette

Interested in upgrading your kitchen's performance? One of the best ways to improve the functionality of any cooking space, bathroom, outdoor bar, and more is to install marble countertops. Updated living space will not only add practical value to your home, but it will also add to your home's selling price, making it an investment in your future. Marble countertops in Lafayette are perfect for elevating the atmosphere while looking aesthetic! 

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Marble Lafayette

The Benefits of Marble Countertops

1) Easy to Shape and Cut

Softer than granite and other countertop choices, marble is easier to produce in a larger assortment of edge profiles that allow for greater customization. In addition to that, marble can be cut with an elegant cove bullnose, stair thread, waterfall edge, or bevel. Typically, fancier edges come at a premium cost, but the expense of marble is often lower than granite. 

2) Durability 

Marble is very strong, having been used as a building material for millennia. Most of the world's recognizable and oldest landmarks are all made of marble, such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Parthenon, and the Taj Mahal. Naturally resistant to scratches and cracks, marble's inherent strength makes it an ideal choice for enduring the day-to-day demands that you'll place on it. 

3) Great for Cooking

Marble countertops keep cool naturally, always remaining below room temperature. This makes for an ideal working surface for cooks who like to bake or confectioners crafting chocolates, pastries, and even ice cream. However, this doesn't mean that you need to be a professional chef in order to enjoy a marble kitchen counter in Lafayette. Even the greenest of home cooks will benefit from baking and cooking prep atop marble. 

4) Heat Resistance

Following the trend of cooking, marble's heat resistance keeps it safe from burns, scorches, and melting. Although it's always a good idea to use a towel or trivet to prevent damaging the countertop's finish, you won't need to worry about your Lafayette marble counters wilting when the temperature rises. 

5) Elegance and Value

The Stone Gallery's marble slabs come in a wide variety of colors, including gray, green, black, white, rose, yellow, and more. Marble has been historically prized for its warmth and beauty, having been used across multiple cultures and civilizations. When you choose to install marble countertops in Lafayette, then you'll be selecting a material that will not only withstand the test of time but add aesthetic value to your home that also improves its market value. 

Come and See Our Marble Selection 

Want to see in-person what kinds of marble slabs are available for your kitchen or bathroom? Although we take stellar pictures for our online gallery, our stone yards are always open for those who want to walk in and evaluate our product in a tangible way. Give us a call or email today to take a guided tour and to learn more about what the experts at The Stone Gallery can do for you!