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Slidell Cabinets

Slidell Cabinets

Your cabinetry can reflect the style and taste of your home. From bathrooms to kitchens and beyond, cabinets in Slidell are purpose-built to deliver practical functionality while also being aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter where they’re installed. The Stone Gallery sees that your personalized cabinets have the kind of quality expected of heirloom home and business fixtures. 

Our family-owned, family-operated business made its name by constructing heritage-quality cabinetry around Slidell for over three generations. We are the best in the business because our cabinetry has garnered us a reputation for enhancing any company building or home. Stability and longevity are our most valued mores, meaning that it's critical to us that your Slidell cabinets look and work the same way they did on day one as they do on year ten. Our crew of cabinet makers keeps their skills honed by constantly pushing the threshold of innovation and are happy to provide you with only the finest of craftsmanship.

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Slidell Cabinets

Cabinets Made for Longevity

The Stone Gallery strives to be environmentally friendly by keeping all ordering information and billing data electronic, integrating our manufacturing procedures into one vertical system, and owning our own wood finishing plant and transportation system so that our Slidell cabinets are manufactured with environmentalism in mind. In-house chemical labs perform regular testing on our diverse line of paints, solvents, stainers, and other chemicals used in the process of cabinet crafting.

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After decades of making fine adjustments to our system, our expectations have only soared higher, guaranteeing that your Slidell cabinets are representative of our most stringent efforts. Our diverse array of custom cabinetry is ideal for both business and home use, flexible for any design or construction needs. 

If you find the idea of having custom cabinet makers near Slidell constructing something unique for you appealing, then look no further than the Stone Gallery! Reach out to our talented staff of cabinet experts for professional home design information today and to schedule a free consultation to kick off the process of renovating or constructing the storage space of your dreams!