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Stone Care

Why is Cleaning My Stone So Important?

Natural stones used for counter tops or bathroom walls and floors, etc., create an air of luxury in and around your home or business place. These luxurious stones can be found at The Stone Gallery in Harahan, LA, and are an excellent investment for those wanting that ‘perfect’ finishing touch. It also means that cleaning your stones is important to provide lasting protection.

Reasons for Cleaning Your Stones

Stones are usually cleaned and sealed upon installation but appear dull overtime. The manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning your stones will likely suggest the use of products designed specially for cleaning these surfaces. This ensures maximum protection and preserves natural shine in the following ways:

Maintain Appearance

Using a cleaner designed to remove stubborn soap scum and stains without scratching is ideal. Other products, like the Stonetech Polish Spray, adds a brilliant shine to stones and keeps them gleaming!

Project Surfaces

Stains and spills from beverages or oily products dull the surface of marble, granite and other stones. Using dishwashing liquid or cleaners with an acidic base, such as vinegar, can further tarnish these stones. Applying the Stonetech Enhancer Pro Sealer can protect against water and oil-based stains and provide that polished look you desire.


Regular cleaning with the right products helps preserve your stones. The Stonetech Bulletproof Sealer helps preserve the natural look of stones while other products can be used to deepen their natural color.

Natural Stone Care

Cleaning granite and other precious stones are important for maintaining the appearance and longevity of the stone.
We carry a whole line of stone care and cleaning products.

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