Calacatta Belleza Quartz

Dark cream-colored with bold veining
Slab Size: 63" x 120" Thickness: 2cm Finish: Polished

Quartz is a durable, engineered stone that many homeowners choose for its scratch resistance, stain resistance, and easy maintenance. Whether using in bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas of the home, Calacatta Belleza quartz will provide a timeless appeal to your space. The variety of colors and patterns, including those with a marble look, make Calacatta Belleza quartz an ideal stone for any design or architectural style. We are pleased to offer beautiful slabs of Vadara Quartz to our customers, as the quality and beauty are hard to beat. Increase the value of your home with an exquisite piece of Calacatta Belleza quartz. Browse available slabs or contact Stone Gallery to speak with one of our experts.

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