Glass Tile in New Orleans

Glass tile in New Orleans has always been a medium of expression and functionality. Expression in it allows countless residents to change their decor to reflect their unique cultural tastes and functionality in that New Orleans glass tile lasts for generations. The Stone Gallery sports only the most pleasing array of glass options that have been produced and colored using environmentally-friendly means. 

Antique mirror glass tile in New Orleans features Romance patterns and old-world emotion while still remaining versatile enough to put almost anywhere to accent modern furnishings. Antiquated mirror, also known as smokey or distressed mirror tile, gives an abstract, almost cloudy vibe that mimics a slightly tarnished appearance common with the process of aging. A classic choice that’s always sure to impress. 

Antique Mirror

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Sorbetto Stone and Mix

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Variety of Colors and Style of Glass Tile

Coastal glass tiles in New Orleans feature interlocking lengths of tile that come in both gloss and matte finishes. The use of color in relationship with glass and stone has been a constant, fluctuating change popular in the world of interior design across the USA and beyond. The Stone Gallery’s coastal glass tiles feature the finest blues reminiscent of the seas themselves. Much like the foam, they wash across the display and pull the eyes from section to section as they ebb and flow. 

Riva Del Mar Glass in New Orleans is as nuanced and varied as the city itself. It’s a type of glass tile that is composed of multiple little glass pieces that are frequently as small as pebbles. Although they can contain many different colors, there is generally a constant theme across the bulk of them, such as shades of blue, often featuring a total of eight independent colors. These are further treated with an option between two finishes: matte and gloss. 

Sorbetto Stone/Mixed glass tile in New Orleans features an ancient design in which stone meets glass to further enhance the best of both artistic worlds. There’s a certain coolness of purpose and presence in each element, and it culminates in the Sorbetto Collection. Perfect in practically any lighting condition, the cooling elements of glass can be complemented by the warmness of the stone. The perfect option for modern tile design plans, these mosaics elevate the atmosphere in the spaces they’re used to new heights. 

If you are looking for glass or other types of tile to add to your kitchen or bathroom, contact our knowledgeable staff at the Stone Gallery to find what tile inspires you!