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Granite and Marble Countertops for Any Metairie Home

Granite and Marble Countertops for Any Metairie Home - Metairie

Any Metairie home can benefit from top quality marble and granite countertops, but many families believe they are not able to afford them. With the Stone Gallery of Metairie you can take advantage of our direct import premium stone, at a price made to fit your budget. Now the timeless feel of marble and granite can be a part of your everyday life.


Granite - Metairie

Sourced from the richest slabs from across the world, our granite countertops will dramatically improve the look of your interiors, while offering practical benefits any homeowner can appreciate. Durable, heat resistant, and easy to keep clean, granite is a luxury material worth investing in, and will maintain its beauty for decades.

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Marble - Metairie

When searching for the ultimate home material to improve your kitchen or bathroom, there's no better option than marble. Its unique texture, color, and patterns are absolutely irreplicable, and each new piece brings a character all its own. You can work directly with our team to choose the piece that will bring out all of the subtle quality in your favorite room.

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Imported Directly to Metairie

Choosing and installing premium stone countertops is not a one size fits all job. In fact, making the right decisions requires an intimate knowledge of the customer, which can only be found in a locally operated supplier. Take advantage of our custom services and low local prices to bring a touch of natural elegance into your home today.