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One of the most popular features of quartz countertops New Orleans homeowners love is the minimal amount of maintenance they require. Unlike countertops constructed of marble and granite, quartz countertops do not need to be sealed. And, another good feature is that they are non-absorbent, making them more sanitary because bacteria are not able to collect and grow.

As a natural stone, quartz is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns making it a popular choice because there's sure to be an option that is just right for your design scheme. What's not to love about this beautiful and versatile material? Find out today if quartz countertops are right for your home decor.

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Quartz Countertops are Beautiful & Long-Lasting

Due to their durability, stain-resistance, and non-absorbent nature, your quartz countertops will continue to look stunning for years and years. In order to help your countertops last, be sure to protect the quartz from extreme heat and cold, using trivets to protect the surface from wide fluctuations in temperature.

Because of its toughness, quartz is also a perfect stone for vanity countertops and other bathroom uses. While kitchen countertops may be the most common use, there are many different uses for this beautiful stone. And in the right circumstances, quartz countertops can also be used in outdoor kitchens.

This natural stone is available in a wide range of colors and patterns depending on what look you want your kitchen to have. Quartz countertops are always in style and are an effective way to bring visual appeal to your kitchen while offering high functionality.

The Stone Gallery has the beautiful quartz countertops New Orleans residents love. Take a browse through the online gallery below, or come and visit our stone showroom to find the right quartz countertops for your home!