Cement Tile New Orleans

Cement tiles in New Orleans can be utilized in many creative ways to make your home more uniquely yours. Whether it’s used on walls and floors, in the bathrooms or kitchen, as a backsplash or an underside, these spectacular patterns add a touch of art to any space.

The Benefits of Cement Tiles

Cement tiles in New Orleans are anything but bland. They can come as mosaic tile, patterned or subdued tile, and just about every combination in between. Combining functionality and beauty are key components of cement tile, and they last much longer than ceramic tiles. They allow you to exercise your imagination and creativity in every room that they’re used. Cement tiles also show much less wear and tear than wooden tiles or ceramic tiles and won’t reveal any underlying ground or clay when used in highly trafficked walking areas. 

Because cement tiles have such a high r-value, they can keep the warm air in during the winters and the cool air in during the summers. Investing in cement tile in New Orleans can drastically reduce your electricity bills! 

How Are Cement Tiles Made?

Cement tiles in New Orleans are constructed from a mix of cement, sand, colored pigments, and marble powder. This mixture is poured into metallic molds that are supported at the back by a mix of dry concrete. After the molds are set, they are compressed with 2,000 lbs of force to make the tile. As cement makes for high-thermal mass tiles, they are perfect for insulating your home.

How Do I Maintain Cement Tiles?

Maintaining cement tiles in New Orleans is easy so long as they have been installed and sealed correctly. Any product that can be suitably used on natural stone is fine for cleaning tiles made of cement; usually, just a quick swipe with your favorite household cleaner is more than enough. Simple Green makes for a great degreaser for cleaning cement tiles in the kitchen, and soap and water are ever-ready standbys for removing dirt and mud. 

However, it is important to note that you should not use acidic products for cleaning your cement tiles. Acid cleaning products run the risk of etching the surface of mosaic tiles and plain tiles alike, and this can eventually lead to discoloration and pitting. This means that you should avoid using vinegar on tile, as vinegar is known to be quite acidic! 

If you’re ready to see the countless cement tile options available for decorating your home, then reach out to our staff today and experience the benefits of this time-tested material!