The Talya Collection by Marble Systems

Designed by Sara Baldwin, the Talya Collection is perfect for backsplashes, floors, walls, bathrooms, and more, thanks to its diversity of patterns, textures, and colors. A lyrical, enchanting mix of water jet designs that can get as creative as your imagination. The Talya Collection makes use of a refined assortment of New Orleans stone tile to feature interlocking modern geometries with European and Roman flair. 
















Vein Cut


A Tile Collection for Traditional and Modern Styles

Sara Baldwin studied the designs in detail, electing to base their names off of the regions and historical figures associated with the regions, cultures, and more that evoke legends of old. The primary materials she chose to work with were marble and stone and opted for simple lacework so that the natural beauty was not pushed aside. The result was a spectacularly balanced palette of grays, ivories, earth, ebonies, and creams that are able to be dressed up or down for the most formal or casual spaces.  

Not only do these calming palettes bring a sense of completion to a space, but they are also easy to work with. Regardless if the environment is traditional or modern, the Talya Collection has the potential to fit right in. Our craftsmen and installers have inspected this unique tile thoroughly, and our tests indicate that they will perform flawlessly even in heavy traffic areas while still retaining their charm. They are also applicable for floor and wall treatments in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. For niche applications, our experts can trim your tile accordingly so as to fit into any space or around any existing architecture. 

Install Your New Orleans Tile with The Stone Gallery

After looking at the Talya Collection, it might seem like every option could have a place in or around your home. If you’d like additional help with selecting and installing tile in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, reach out to our knowledgeable staff to schedule an appointment. You can also see our offerings yourself at one of our locations; nothing does the natural beauty of stone justice like seeing it with your own eyes in person.