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The Best Granite and Marble Countertops for Slidell

The Best Granite and Marble Countertops for Slidell - Slidell

Natural stone can introduce an element of sophistication to any home, but getting true quality takes an expert eye with access to a superior selection. That is why the Stone Gallery is the ideal choice for top-tier marble and granite in the Slidell area. At prices made to fit budgets of all sizes, taking advantage of our direct imports is possible for anyone.


Granite - Slidell

With a classic look and feel, it is easy to understand why granite has been a popular choice throughout history. Now your home can benefit from the smooth surface and natural color of this quality stone. Choose the color and pattern that best fits your interior, and enjoy stunning countertops that will last a lifetime.

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Marble - Slidell

Nothing stands up to the beauty of real marble. With a distinct quality all of its own, this material is able to match with any interior for a classic look that can make a strong impression. Don’t settle for acrylic or laminate counters, when the real thing brings superior quality that will outlast any of the competition by decades.

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Local Dealers keep the Customer in Mind

We put Slidell first by operating locally and offering the best deals on premium granite and marble products. We tailor our services to the individual, hand picking stone slabs that will bring out the unique qualities of the interior. And while we are able to beat big-box service, we still offer prices that are able to compete with anyone in the business.