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Premium Granite and Marble Near Baton Rouge

Premium Granite and Marble Near Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

You want your Baton Rouge home to exude a certain beauty. You pick the right paint, the right door, and the right everything else. At the Stone Gallery, you can even pick the right stone material to make your house look exactly the way you want. Choosing between granite and marble, you can easily find the perfect natural stone for your home.


Granite - Baton Rouge

You'll find every type of granite material available at the Stone Gallery. You can choose the color and texture you want for your granite at the most affordable prices around. Granite is the perfect material to give your house the classic feel you've been looking for. Perfect for floors and countertops.

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Marble - Baton Rouge

There are many materials out there that try to imitate marble, but none are able to reach the same quality. You'll love marble floors in your kitchen and bathroom because they always deliver a certain shine. We look around the world for the best sources of marble stone available and that generally translates to the highest quality material for the lowest prices for you.

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From the Heart Of New Orleans to your Baton Rouge Home

The Stone Gallery is a true Louisiana business. We are based near New Orleans and we pride ourselves on giving our community the best we can. We don't try to promise one thing while giving you something you didn't ask for. If you want the best natural stone in Louisiana you can find, the Stone Gallery will deliver it to your Baton Rouge home with the express aim of giving you what you want, when you want, and how you want. That is our company promise.