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The Stone Gallery imports only the finest marble. When you buy marble direct from The Stone Gallery, you can cut out the middle-man, ensuring a more efficient process and a more reasonable cost. Our Baton Rouge clients love the simplicity of working with us, and we are confident that you'll love working with us, too!

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Using Marble in Your Home

Marble is an exceptional material for its durability, aesthetics, easy maintenance, and unique colors and patterns. Each slab of marble features its own unique coloring and patterns, so the marble in your home is sure to be one-of-a-kind. Though most people desire marble for its unique coloring and patterns, there are other benefits to using marble in homes.

The density and hardness of marble make it an excellent material to use in projects where there are difficult cuts, or where a particularly intricate bevel is desired for the edges. Marble is less likely to crack or fracture during cutting, making it a much easier material to work with for more difficult projects. Our Baton Rouge homeowners find that marble complements nearly every architectural and design style, making it a great addition to their homes.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Marble?

Most of our Baton Rouge clients begin their marble search using our online virtual stone yard. We invite you to do the same! Once you have an idea of the colors and patterns you may like best, it is usually a great idea to make an appointment to visit our actual stone yard in New Orleans. Just a short drive will be worth it, once you see the quality and selection we offer, as well as experience the exceptional customer service we provide.