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New Orleans Offers the Best Travertine Countertops

A member of the limestone family, travertine has been a popular choice for home interiors, especially countertops, for many, many years. Its similarity in appearance to marble coupled with its durability makes travertine countertops a favorite of New Orleans residents. This stone is available in a number of different colors, the most popular being those in the tan and light brown families. There are a number of different finishes available that can make your countertops the center point of your kitchen!

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Travertine countertops can be the perfect addition to your kitchen, whether you are looking for cross-cut or vein-cut stone. With this stone, you will also have the option to choose between slabs and tiles depending on your needs. Slabs are typically used for countertops because they are more hygienic. They do not have grouting and because of this, there is nowhere for bacteria to collect or spread. Anyone looking to give their kitchen a boost with a chic countertop owes it to themselves to consider travertine!

Types of Travertine Countertops

Four chic finishes available for your travertine countertops from The Stone Gallery:

•Chiseled edge

Your choice of finish will create the level of shine that you desire. Depending on the overall design scheme of your home and kitchen, one type of polish may be better than another. Whether you are looking for a more raw and natural look, or want a polished surface that provides a beautiful shine, there's an option available. Our design team is on-hand to help you choose the stone and finish that is just perfect for your home!

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