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The personal style of one’s home is generally reflective of their tastes, including cabinetry! Cabinets can be found from bathrooms to kitchens, laundry and craft rooms, pantries and garages, and beyond. Cabinets in Gretna are meant to be both practical and aesthetic, serving their purpose for storage as much as they serve to complement the decor of the home or business they’re found in.

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Gretna Cabinets

Quality and Functional Cabinets for Any Room

As a family-owned and family-operated business making cabinets around Gretna, the Stone Gallery has supplied heirloom quality storage options for over three generations. Our cabinetry has developed a reputation for quality and functional design with a single purpose: enhancing the way you live your life. Stability and longevity are equally important factors in how cabinetry functions over time, and that’s why our company is committed to making our Gretna cabinets in the United States with the help of carpentry pros. With a keen eye for detail, our staff of cabinet makers combines the age-old crafts of their forefathers with the latest technology of today. 

Although the Stone Gallery is proud to focus on making cabinets in Gretna, we also strive to be good stewards of the environment. We see to this by ensuring that our cabinets are made by utilizing the greenest energy and renewable materials possible. We’ve integrated the latest material tracking software into our manufacturing process to ensure that our environmental footprint can be traced from start to finish. We utilize electronic billing and ordering systems and are happy to say we’ve done so since day one. The products our team put out are meant to be the best cabinets in Gretna that money can buy and then some; we always back our words with results!

Stone Gallery is Here for your Cabinet Needs!

With a fully integrated supply system, our company controls the entire materials process from timber farming to wood refining. We also have our own transportation fleet and wood finishing methods so that our Gretna cabinets show the Stone Gallery fingerprint within all phases of construction. An in-house chemical lab keeps track of all our solvents, stainers, paints, and other chemicals used in the cabinet-making process. 

With such a variety available, the Stone Gallery is positive that your Gretna cabinets will stand out from the rest with ease. After all, with near-perfect integration comes a high bar of expectations which we seek to overcome with each new innovation in cabinet construction and design. 

Are you ready to get the work started on your custom cabinets? Don’t wait until your current cabinets in Gretna are hanging from their hinges; call or email our knowledgeable staff to learn more about the unique cabinet options available only at the Stone Gallery!