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Interested in updating your bathroom or kitchen? One of the top ways to change up your bathing or cooking areas is to install granite countertops. Adding to these often-used areas in your home will create additional value in case you go to sell your property. Granite countertops in Gretna are perfect for elevating both form and function wherever they’re used, making them a practical investment in the future. 

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The Benefits of Granite Countertops

Granite is a natural stone, and it’s one of the hardest materials on the planet. In any bathroom or kitchen, granite countertops exude a sense of sophistication. However, they also come with other benefits:

1) Countertops Made of Granite Are Budget-Friendly

Part of the reason granite countertops around Gretna are so popular is because of their affordable nature. Different slab thicknesses can create additional savings, allowing granite kitchens or bathrooms to become a reality for more potential clients. The thicker and longer the slab, the more work it will take to install, potentially raising the price even more. The Stone Gallery works with clients to make sure that their new countertops always fit their budget, theme, and style! 

2) Granite Countertops Resist Scratches and Chips

Popular countertop choices in Gretna always include granite because of its inherent durability. Thanks to its hardness, granite withstands high-traffic use that’s common in kitchens and bathrooms. If installed correctly by professional countertop installers, it will last for several decades. 

3) Countertops Made of Granite Resist Staining

Stain-resistant when correctly sealed, granite countertops retain their natural luster regardless of what’s spilled on them. Simply take a mild soap and cloth or paper towel and wipe up any messes on its surface. However, acids and alkalis will stain granite if left to sit on the surface for too long because they will be able to settle into porous granite. By keeping up with a simple, once-yearly sealing treatment and inspecting your countertop’s surface, you’ll be able to keep your Gretna granite countertops looking as new as the day they were installed. 

4) Granite Countertops Are Heat-Resistant

In nature, granite is formed via heat and pressure creating raw slabs in the ground. It’s therefore quite heat-resistant, able to hold a hot cooking pot without getting scorched! However, it’s always recommended to use towels or pot holders to keep yourself safe from rapid heat transfers. A cold countertop can shatter hot glass if it’s placed directly on top of it, granite or not. 

5) Granite Countertops Keep Your Home Unique

Each slab of granite sold by us keeps its natural charm, meaning that no two slabs are identical. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind customization for your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else, granite countertops are a great starting point. Our countertop installation specialists nearby will be able to install your Gretna granite countertops so that your space is both functional and unique. 

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Do you want to see for yourself the choices of the best granite countertops available for your home? Stop by our display quarry and make an appointment with one of our stone specialists for a walkthrough of what we can do for you. Can’t make it in-person? Our online stone gallery is available for you to peruse here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you about how we can help bring the benefits of granite countertops into your life! 

For more information on our granite countertops range, call The Stone Gallery on 504-733-5566.