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Marble Countertops Gretna, LA

Marble Countertops in Gretna, LA

Do you want to increase the value, aesthetics, and functionality of your home? One of the best ways to accomplish all three is to install high-quality marble countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living spaces, and more. Marble countertops in Gretna have the dynamics that homeowners look for in a natural material that elevates homes to new levels. Professionally installed marble countertops are a smart investment, no matter your length of stay in your current house. 

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Marble Gretna, LA

The Benefits of Marble Countertops

1) Easy to Cut and Shape

Marble can be worked to create a wide variety of dimension and tile options with finishing options to make your new countertops unique. Popular marble countertop lip styles include stair thread, bullnose, waterfall edges, special bevels, and more. Choosing fancier edges for countertops made of marble adds slightly to the cost, though it’s cheaper than granite on average. 

2) Durability

Speaking of granite, marble is a softer natural stone that’s resistant to chipping while still being hard enough to endure everyday use and then some. In fact, this top-rated countertop material has been used to construct famous landmarks throughout history such as the Taj Mahal, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Parthenon. Just think about how well your Gretna marble countertops will hold up! 

3) Great for Cooking

Marble countertops have a tendency to keep cooler than the ambient temperature, making them ideal for home cooks. Their resistance to stains and chips allows them to be the perfect surface for baking breads, pastries, chocolates, and even ice cream. You don’t need to be a professional chef to appreciate the food prep and other culinary benefits of marble countertops around Gretna; their durability allows for plenty of tasty treats to come out of your kitchen!

4) Heat Resistance

Following up on the advantages of marble countertops for cooks, marble has amazing heat resistance. From bathroom appliances to pots and pans, you won’t need to worry about permanently harming the natural stone used to make your custom countertops in Gretna! While we do recommend that you use a towel or pot holder to help protect the finish, the marble itself won’t be damaged by scorching heat. 

5) Aesthetics and Investments

The Stone Gallery allows customers to hand-pick the marble used for their Gretna countertops along with the colors and finishing options. No matter where you choose to install your new marble countertops in or around your home, it’s our goal to make sure that your experience is top-notch and that the results are uniquely your own. Every slab of marble, being made of natural stone, is special. You’ll have increased the practical and dollar worth of your home once you’ve installed marble countertops. 

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You can stop by our stoneyard for an in-person look at the marble to be used to craft your countertops, or you can take a look at our virtual stone gallery here. We accept walk-ins and appointments in advance equally. Call or email The Stone Gallery today to learn more about the advantages of marble for your next home improvement process and to get the process started!