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Lafayette Cabinets 

Lafayette Cabinets

Are you interested in elevating the taste and style of your home or business? The Stone Gallery’s custom cabinets in Lafayette serve as practical storage and remain aesthetically pleasing no matter where you choose to install them. We are dedicated to seeing that your personalized cabinetry has the type of quality expected of only the finest home or business features.

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Lafayette Cabinets

Stone Gallery Knows Quality Cabinetry

Constructing heritage-quality cabinetry in Lafayette is a breeze for our family-operated, family-owned business that's been operating for more than three generations. We’re at the top of our industry because our custom cabinetry has a well-earned reputation for both durability and style. We strive to enhance any office space, company building, or home with only the best storage solutions tailored to your unique needs on the market. Our company's most valued tenants are longevity and stability for a reason: it's critical to us that your Lafayette cabinets have the fit and finish of only the finest craftsmanship while functioning the same way they did on day one as they do on day 1000. Our team of talented cabinet makers keeps their skills sharp by consistently innovating their skills while maintaining the traditional values that allowed us to become the leader in custom cabinetry in the first place. 

Stone Gallery is Here for your Cabinet Needs!

The Stone Gallery possesses a strong desire to be environmentally friendly. That's why we use in-house chemical testing for our paints, solvents, stainers, and other chemicals used throughout the manufacturing process. We also guarantee that our process is a seamless, vertical system that incorporates completely digitized information and billing data. On top of that, we operate our own wood finishing plant and transport system that keeps everything streamlined down to the last screw and hinge.

After generations of tweaking, we believe that we finally have the perfect system for satisfying even the most discerning of customers seeking custom cabinets in Lafayette. We guarantee that our wide assortment of specialized cabinetry will have just the storage solution that you need.

Have we sparked your interest in having your home or business space made more aesthetic and functional with custom cabinetry? If so, then reach out to our knowledgeable staff today for a free design consultation and to learn more about what the folks at The Stone Gallery can offer!