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Lafayette Granite Countertops

Lafayette Granite Countertops

Looking to update your kitchen? One of the greatest ways to switch up the look of your cooking area is to update or upgrade your countertops. In many cases, an updated kitchen will also add additional value to your property. If you're interested in selling your home, you'll probably be interested in also updating your kitchen before listing it on the market. Granite countertops in Lafayette are ideal for enhancing any kitchen and adding to the bottom line!

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Granite Lafayette Countertops

The Benefits of Granite Countertops

Being a natural stone, granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. Granite countertops are a reflection of luxury and sophistication when used in any kitchen, and they come with a myriad of benefits: 

1) Granite Countertops Resist Scratches and Chips

One of the top reasons to select a granite countertop in Lafayette is so that it can be durable enough to resist scratches and chips during normal or even some abnormal use situations. Since granite is the second hardest material in the world, it will last for decades if installed properly by professional countertop installers.

2) Countertops Made of Granite Are Budget-Friendly

Part of the reason granite countertops in Lafayette are so popular is thanks to their affordability. The variation in granite pricing is thanks to the variable thicknesses of the slabs chosen, the amount needed to complete a job, and the resulting increased installation costs. Remember, the thicker the granite slab is, the more pricey it will be to install. The Stone Gallery has all of your bathroom and kitchen countertop needs covered with an assortment of options that will be sure to keep you under budget!

3) Granite Countertops Are Heat-Resistant

Since granite is naturally formed by heat and pressure, this means that it can resist heat well. It's possible to even put a hot cooking pot or pan onto a granite countertop without scorching it! We do recommend using pot holders, however, to keep you safe from any heat transfer. 

4) Countertops Made of Granite Resist Staining

Not only highly resistant to heat, but Lafayette granite countertops are also stain-resistant when properly sealed. Alkalis and acids will stain granite because it is a porous material. Thankfully, a sealant that is applied on a yearly basis will allow your granite countertop to resist losing its natural luster. Spills that occur on top of granite can be removed by using a mild soap, some water, and a rag. 

5) Granite Countertops Make Your Home Unique

Each slab of granite at The Stone Gallery is natural and unique, allowing for unlimited customizations in your home. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind surface, our talented installers are familiar with a wide array of granite types to make a space truly customized. Granite countertops in Lafayette will set your kitchen above and beyond the rest! 

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Are you interested in learning more about what types of granite slabs are available for your kitchen? Take a look at our online gallery, or stop by our display yards to witness the natural elegance of granite for yourself. Give us a call or email today to start the process!