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Travertine Countertops Lafayette

Travertine Countertops Lafayette

Is it time for you to update your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor cooking space? Then you might be interested in installing travertine countertops in your Lafayette home. Travertine is known for its gorgeous aesthetic and affordability while also being robust enough to endure the day-to-day tasks you demand. Even better, travertine countertops elevate your home’s value, making it a true investment for the future when you decide to move and sell your home. For many homeowners, travertine presents the perfect opportunity to elevate their living space while also adding to their home’s bottom line in style!

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The Benefits of Travertine Countertops

1) Reflective and Warm

If you feel like your kitchen or bathroom space is feeling a little small, then take a look at glossy travertine countertops in Lafayette

Travertine has almost a natural glow about it, letting it take even small amounts of light and radiate it outwards in a way that makes an area feel larger. Not only that, but its luster will improve the atmosphere of the room, elevating the mood and making people want to enjoy it more often. 

2) Easier to Cut and Shape

Especially when compared to porcelain, travertine is simple to cut and shape into any size or style you’d need to match the existing aesthetic of your home or to fully exercise your creativity with new countertops.

 There are a wide variety of edges that our professional countertop installers can walk you through to help select the perfect design for your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor cooking space.

3) Low Maintenance 

Travertine countertops in Lafayette are ideal for those who want to minimize cleaning and maintenance. 

Travertine countertops only need to be wiped down with a bit of warm water and soap in order to clean them. However, as with any material’s absorption of liquid, you can end up with bacterial growth, meaning that you will need to reseal them every 2-3 years if their finish starts to wane. 

4) Affordability

For people interested in installing new countertops in Lafayette, travertine presents an affordable option while still offering the same natural beauty as granite or marble. For most projects, travertine will cost less than your average natural stone slab, with the range of prices varying based on the grade. It will also add additional worth to your home’s resale value, making it a wise investment. 

5) Environmentally Friendly

Travertine is an environmentally-friendly material because of the naturally recycled materials that go into its construction. Its soft qualities make it easier to work with and less likely to be damaged, so the manufacturing and refining process allows for more travertine to be made with minimal waste. Install new countertops for your home that not only save you green but are also green for the environment! 

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Are you intrigued by the inherent qualities of travertine and what it can do for your kitchen or bathroom? Take a look at our online gallery, or swing by our stone yards for an in-person experience of the finest travertine slabs in Louisiana and beyond. Give us a call or email today to learn more about installation and availability