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Mandeville Cabinets

Mandeville Cabinets

Is it time that you updated the style and functionality of your home or business? The Stone Gallery’s custom cabinets in Mandeville make for practical storage solutions while still being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Regardless of where you select to install them, we're dedicated to making sure that your personalized cabinetry possesses only the utmost qualities to be found in any storage fixture.

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Mandeville Cabinets

Durable and Stylish Cabinets

When it comes to constructing legacy-quality cabinetry in Mandeville, our family-operated, family-owned business has been perfecting the art for over three generations. At the top of the carpentry industry for both home and industrial cabinetry, we strive to elevate all spaces with cabinetry that’s garnered a well-earned reputation for durability and style. In order to deliver the finest specialized cabinets to your home or business, we’ve embraced the concepts of functionality and longevity so that your cabinetry remains as functional and beautiful as they were on the first day of installation. The Stone Gallery’s crew of talented craftsmen strive to deliver cabinets made with traditional values of hard work and labor while constantly remaining at the forefront of our industry’s innovations. 

Our company takes the concepts of environmentalism and good global stewardship seriously, and this is shown by our extensive green-friendly protocols and daily operations. Our vertical system incorporates completely all of the billing and inventory data that allows for seamless tracking of both costs and expenses down to the very last screw and hinge. An in-house lab provides regular chemical testing for our solvents, paints, standards, and more so that they are consistently within EPA levels of acceptability and safety. Additionally, we operate our own transportation system and wood finishing plant to guarantee perfect delivery and ideal raw material selection.

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After decades of adjustments, we are confident that we have the best system for satisfying even the most selective of customers looking for customized cabinets in Mandeville. We promise that our diverse assortment of unique cabinetry options will have the perfect storage solutions for any industry, office space, or home.

Have we piqued your interest and having your space made more functional and aesthetic with custom cabinetry? Satiate your curiosity by reaching out to our knowledgeable staff today for a free design consultation and to learn more about what the Stone Gallery can deliver!