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Would you like to increase the aesthetics, value, and functionality of almost any space? One of the best ways to do all three is to install marble countertops. Perfect for kitchens, outdoor bars, bathrooms, and more, marble countertops in Mandeville have the versatility homeowners look for in a natural material that takes things to new levels. Marble countertops make for a smart investment, no matter if you plan on living in your present home short-term or long-term. 

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The Benefits of Marble Countertops

1) Great for Cooking

Marble countertops always remain below room temperature on average, meaning that they’re an ideal work surface for home cooks. Those who like to make their own breads, chocolates, pastries, and even ice cream will be especially pleased with a new marble kitchen counter in Mandeville. However, you don’t need to be a professional chef to appreciate the cooking and food preparation benefits of marble countertops. Their durability makes even heavy use no problem! 

2) Durability 

Speaking of the durability of marble countertops, marble is softer than granite but hard enough to be employed as a top-rate building material. In fact, marble is so amazing that it’s been used throughout history to construct some of the most recognizable landmarks of all time. The Parthenon, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Taj Mahal are all made of marble. Imagine how well your marble countertops in Mandeville will hold up!

3) Easy to Shape and Cut

Marble is simple to produce in a wide variety of profiles with finishing touches that are completely customizable. Additionally, marble can be cut with lip styles including stair thread, bullnose, beveled, waterfall edge, and more. Adding fancier edges increases the cost of marble countertops slightly, though the expense is often lower than granite. 

4) Value and Aesthetics

The Stone Gallery offers customers marble slabs with a variety of customization options and colors. From natural to colorful, marble is employed in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living areas, and more because of its warmth and beauty. When you choose to install marble countertops around Mandeville, you’re choosing to improve your home’s value both dollar-wise and functionally. 

5) Heat Resistance

From hot hairdryers in the bathroom to hot pans in the kitchen, your marble countertops will endure scorching heat. Even though it’s always a good idea to protect your marble countertop’s finish with a towel or appliance holder, you‘ll never need to worry about damaging the marble itself if the temperatures start to rise. 

Come and See Our Marble Selection

Come and take an in-person look to see which marble countertops are best for your home. Even though we have some stellar examples online for you to peruse, our stone yards are better for evaluating marble in a tangible way. We take walk-ins and pre-scheduled appointments. Call or email The Stone Gallery today to learn more about how marble can improve your home’s functionality, appearance, and value! 

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