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Metairie Cabinets

Metairie Cabinets

Cabinets are frequently an echo of one’s personality and lifestyle that is highlighted especially in the bathroom and kitchen spaces, but can be potentially seen anywhere in the home. Inside of the pantry, in garages, entertainment spaces, laundry rooms, craft rooms, and more, are all possible places for useful and elegant cabinetry. Family-operated and family-owned, we have become proud suppliers of cabinets in Metairie and the surrounding area for over 50 years.

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Metairie Cabinets

Quality Cabinets for Every Room in the Home

Our cabinetry has developed a reputation for exceptional quality and functional design for good reason: they’re engineered around the way you live your life. Longevity and stability are just as important as how your cabinets will function in practice, and that’s why we think it’s important to craft our Metairie cabinets in the United States with the help of those who have a keen eye for detail. Supported by a lifetime warranty, the timeless looks of decades past are combined with the innovative advancements of today under our roof! 

Ever-interested in the environment, our cabinets are made with green energy. Integrated software is present from step A to Z along the manufacturing process to track each part of our Metairie cabinets as they’re assembled. Our network of reputable dealers reduced paper demands with the aid of electronic ordering and billing systems. From the very beginning, we’ve never settled for being mediocre, and being good stewards of the environment has always been a key value of our family. We don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk and manufacture the best cabinets in Metairie using in-house green energy generation with industry-leading recycling protocols. 

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As a company with fully integrated supply systems, we have control over our timber harvesting and refining mills. We also control our own transportation, building, and finishing methods so that the perfect Metairie cabinets are delivered to our customers in one piece without a scratch. An in-house laboratory keeps a careful record of our solvents, paints, stains, and other chemicals used in the manufacturing process. 

We’re positive that your cabinetry will stand out from the crowd. With near-perfect integration comes a high bar of expectations for Metairie cabinetry that we seek to move only higher with our accomplishments! 

Ready to start work on your custom cabinets that will help to make your space truly yours? Reach out to our talented team of cabinet makers to see that your work goes as smoothly as our finely-sanded cabinets feel!