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Granite Countertops Metairie

Granite Countertops Metairie 

At The Stone Gallery, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we want to help our clients create a space that enhances their daily lives. Granite countertops are one beautiful and effective way to give the aesthetic and functional appeal of your kitchen a boost. We carry a wide selection of stunning granite stone that can be used to transform the kitchen in your Metairie home!

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Granite Countertops Metairie

Why Metairie Residents Love Granite Countertops

There are a lot of reasons to love granite, not least of which is its beautiful natural look! If you're seeking the perfect material for your countertops, be sure to consider granite.

• Resistant to germs and bacteria

As health and safety become an ever-growing concern in our lives, granite fits the bill. This surface is non-porous and resistant to both bacteria and germs. Because your countertop is completely sealed, dirt, grime, and bacteria are kept at bay and clean-up couldn't be easier.

• Can be fixed easily

No one wants their beautiful countertops marred by scarring, dings, or other unsightly damage, and with granite, it's easy to keep your countertops looking great. Professionally filling any holes with putty and then resealing the surface will make it look as good as new.

• Earth-friendly

Granite is available in many different styles and colors depending on your personal taste and home decor. One of the most attractive aspects of this stone is its natural look, especially in its raw state. Because it is indeed a stone, there is no production waste or leftover materials to be discarded.

• Durable

A properly maintained and sealed granite countertop can last for decades! If you want to install a beautiful countertop and not have to think about it again, excepting for standard maintenance, granite is a perfect choice!

Is it time to replace your countertops, or are you in the process of designing your dream kitchen? Take a browse through our online gallery, or come have a look at our impressive inventory. The Stone Gallery offers a wide selection of granite countertops Metairie homeowners love!