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From the Taj Mahal in India to Rome's Pantheon and our very own Washington Monument, marble is a quality building material that has been favored by constructors of some of the world's most iconic buildings. No wonder: marble provides a classic look that can also work in a variety of contemporary settings. But it is also very robust, and all these factors explain why it is cherished by designers and construction teams alike.

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marble countertop metairie

Marble Countertops to Complete a Classic Aesthetic

Whether you are looking for a material for fireplace surrounds, pillars, or tabletops, marble really can tick your boxes. Trust The Stone Gallery to provide the perfect cut of marble for your home, giving your residence a unique beauty that is so pleasing to the eye.

The Stone Gallery offers marble countertops Metairie-wide, and we have developed a reputation for sourcing only the finest stones from around the world. You can take a look through the cuts available on our on-site yard, at 5600 Mounes Street. Trust us for the very best marble cuts and outstanding customer service.

The Advantages of Marble

Classy - marble is revered the world over as being one of the most sightly stones. It offers an effortless elegance that can give a class or sophistication to many settings.

Affordable - marble might be more budget-friendly than you imagined. At The Stone Gallery, our cuts are priced competitively, and we usually offer a selection of smaller pieces remaining from larger projects that are discounted. Browse the site or give us a call to check the stock at any given time.

Robust - marble countertops can last for a lifetime, and be passed down to future generations. This truly is a stone that stands the test of time.

The Choice is Yours

This is the destination for marble countertops Metairie can count on for the widest selection of colors and veinings, offering you the best options for home design. Discover why marble has been cherished for centuries, and benefit from its practical nature; being simple to maintain and clean.

Find exactly the right level of veining and colors for marble in your home - rely on The Stone Gallery team to point you in the right direction. We are always available in person or over the phone to offer advice and guidance on the best marble cuts for your residence. Call us today on 504-733-5566.