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Travertine Countertops Metairie

Travertine Countertops Metairie 

In Metairie, travertine countertops have taken a firm hold on the hearts of home renovators. In fact, throughout New Orleans, travertine has blossomed into the stone style that can balance the classic with the contemporary. Having been featured in homes across the Greater Baton Rouge area, travertine's natural resilience makes the stone a staple item for interior design.

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Why Metairie Residents Love Travertine Countertops

The unique look of travertine is possible when natural spring water that is rich in minerals changes the composition of limestone. Foyers and hallways have historically used travertine to give a feeling of class when proceeding throughout the interior of a space; first impressions are lasting ones. 

Bathroom vanity tops are commonly made out of travertine because it is so simple to complement existing colors with it, especially for tub surrounds and shower cladding. Evoking the aura of a classical Roman spa in the modern era is possible with the help of travertine! 

Travertine tile can be used throughout the main living area and is a popular choice of natural stone flooring in Metairie, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. This is because Louisiana's warmer regions benefit from a visual and literal cooler underfoot that evokes a sensation of relaxation. 

Kitchens are a veritable hub of family life as they bustle and hum with the day-to-day affairs of each member. The earthen look that travertine tile provides for such a space makes all the difference for the property. Unique color ranges through subtle and obvious areas; travertine countertops to travertine backsplashes emit feelings of grounding that the whole group can use as an anchor point for gathering.

Courtyards and walkways are commonly overlooked areas that utilize travertine in order to upgrade the class of the space with ease; don't limit your creativity to exist within only four walls!

At the Stone Gallery, we've curated the perfect selection of travertine construction materials from across the United States. Our well-trained staff is standing by to help you implement this beautiful, natural stone into your home and living spaces for generations to enjoy!