Stone Remnants

Stone Remnants - Remnants

Looking for natural stone for a smaller renovation project such as a vanity, table, or island? The Stone Gallery has over 100 smaller pieces of beautiful marble, granite, and quartzite in a wide variety of colors and sizes that may be perfect for your project. Why pay for a whole slab when all you need is a piece of one?

Where do remnants come from?

When we work on larger projects, we typically have to cut large slabs of granite, quartzite, and marble to fit the space. When this happens, we are left with smaller pieces of stone. Some of these remnants are large enough to be used for a new project. These remnants are not "unwanted" pieces -- they are often simply unneeded cuts from beautiful and exotic slabs.

Other times, a large slab may accidentally break. If the break did not fracture the slab into too many pieces, we are often lucky enough to be left with large enough remnants to use them for smaller projects.

Rest assured, stone remnants are high quality materials that will work perfectly for your project.

Browse our Stone Remnants!

If you'd like to view the remnants we have available, feel free to stop by! These remnants tend to move pretty quickly, so don't wait to find your perfect piece of stone for your project.