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Travertine Countertops Baton Rouge

Travertine Countertops in Baton Rouge 

Travertine countertops in Baton Rouge have seen an explosion in popularity in both home renovators and average DIY-ers alike. With the ability to combine contemporary with classic looks, travertine delivers a kitchen ambiance that will last for generations. 

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Travertine Countertops Baton Rouge

Why Does Travertine Make a Good Countertop?

There are many lovely reasons that rose-like travertine makes for a good countertop material, from its naturally cool feel under the hand to its warm and welcoming glow. It is comparable to the price of marble or granite countertops, but it can run cheaper per square foot. 

Several wonder, “Is travertine durable?” As a kind of limestone, travertine stands up to everyday living and more with ease. Travertine countertops can come with a variety of colors and levels of polish, all of which are customizable with the help of the Stone Gallery team. 

It’s important to note that travertine is very heavy, making it an unwieldy material to safely install for the average homeowner without damage. Therefore, it’s important to install travertine countertops in Baton Rouge with the help of professional stoneworkers such as the folks at the Stone Gallery. 

How to Maintain a Travertine Countertop

Travertine countertops in Baton Rouge are easy to maintain because of their naturally dense structure and sealed surface. Spills quickly get mopped up, and it’s next to impossible to stain unless something acidic has been left to linger on the surface extensively. Still, here are some tips to keep your travertine countertops looking new: 

1. Always use a cutting board when slicing or preparing food so that the knife’s sharp edge doesn’t drag across the travertine countertop and leave a scratch. 

2. Don’t bang on the corners of your travertine countertop because the hardness of natural stone can make it prone to chipping. 

3. Clean up acidic liquids or powders that spill onto your travertine countertops to prevent the polished surface from losing its luster or staining.

The Best Travertine Countertops in Baton Rouge

Travertine has been used to decorate homes since the times of ancient Rome and has even been used in the colosseum. If you’re interested in taking advantage of a material that would allow your countertops to last 2,000+ years, thankfully you don’t need to send a carrier pigeon to begin the process. Reach out to the Stone Gallery with a call or email today to learn more!

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